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JUANIS "KANG" D LUAL  is an entrepreneur, leader, organizer, and community activist.

Juanis "Kang" is himself a former refugee, he, his extended family, and his people "Naath" [Nuers] endured and still going through devastation and life's major challenges in his native home country. He was born in Wat within Wanding which is located in the southeastern part of South Sudan,  the war-affected region "Upper Nile", actually many parts of the South Sudan is impacted by conflicts and grinding poverty.  He was born in the middle of 1980s in the southeast of South Sudan, the world's newest "republic". Juanis Kang has lost both parents in a small child and witnessed the horrors and displacements of war and conflicts as he fled with the millions forced from their homes to neighboring countries in East Africa.  He walked over an estimated 2,500 miles between 1989 and 1995 before being settled in the U.N . refugee camps where he and his sister's husband extended family (his in-laws) were selected to come to the United States in 2000.

A determined young man in which he graduated from high school in the U.S. and went on to college where he had earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science (Public Relations, Public Policy), History and Computer Information System in 2009 from the Metropolitan State University.


Now Dr. "Kang" Dang Lual awarded and received an Honorary Doctrine Degree from Denver Institute of Urban Studies, 2020.

He is a founder and CEO of the organizations and ventures including African Sustainable Development Foundation, Naath Global Development & Management and a few others. He founded ASDF in 2008-2013 and restructured in 2016.


He is now working on his vision and dream projects on both spectrums regarding ASDF and entrepreneurships.

An author of "Daring to Overcome", book which is a compelling and inspirational book that everyone should read. The book is about his life journey in which he chronicled the testimonies regarding what he, his relatives, friends and his people had endured and gone through, such as chaos, conflicts, wars, poverty, and brutal displacements from life threatening to refugee and also he tried to be courageous, resilient, motivated, and hopeful as well as he also tries not to be held on to the past hurts.


Additionally, he and his team are raising money through "Daring to Overcome" and other approaches to go toward his vision and the ASDF's missions and projects.

 The projects that he and his team are working on are: healthcare, education, sanitation/clean water, entrepreneurships and economic opportunities for under-served and vulnerable communities in East Africa particularly South Sudan and western part of Ethopia


(For more details read “Open Letter to Readers and the World,” at the beginning of this book.) Kang D. Lual is working on further books in his series, and the proceeds of this book series will go towards [2] ASDF projects. He needs interns and volunteers to fulfill his vision and dream of making our world a better place.











“Daring to Overcome is a compelling, harrowing and ultimately redemptive tale of courage and resiliency… an affirmation of the human condition….It is a must read for anyone who cares about the fate and the inequities of marginalized communities across the world.”

E. LaBrent Chrite, PhD., President, Bethune-Cookman University, Daytona Beach, Florida

“This book serves as a message of hope. It is a testament of what the human spirit can endure and overcome, as well as blueprint for achievement.”

Miguel In Suk Lovato, Senior Grants Program Officer, Daniels Fund

“We can all learn from the journey described in these pages”

Rebecca Arno, Director, Barton Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise, University of Denver/Ricketson Law Building

“Daring to Overcome is a rare book that shines through with a message of hope and resilience amidst the most trying circumstances…..It is a clarion call for each of us to look within ourselves to see what we can do.”

Adam Itzokwitz, Executive Director, Orbis Institute

”This book will encourage you and raise your awareness of the need to be in solidarity with Juanis Kang… and I hope that his story will inspire you to join him… to bring hope and a bright future for his people in South Sudan, the East African region, and beyond.”

Derrick Hudson, PhD, Colorado School of Mines, Denver, Colorado.